The 3 Best Free IPTV Apps To Watch Live on Android

There was a time when watching tv required a cable connection, antenna. We needed to pay on a monthly basis to enjoy our favourite channel. This was not an option but an obvious thing for watching tv channel.

Nowadays, technology evolves to a massive extent. Smart TV is now very available to mass people. The tv can now function even without a remote. Internet and other related services can be used in smart tv. Plenty of IPTV and streaming apps are available on most devices. Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a way of delivering tv channels through the internet. Therefore, there is no need for cable or satellite.

In this article, we will provide in detail information on some IPTV and streaming apps.


HD STREAMZ is a widely popular IPTV app that offers wide access to channels all across the globe. Though there are various processes of watching tv online, finding the right one without any hassle is surely a tough one for many. For their convenience, HD STREAMZ offers an entertainment-packed app with exceptional features.

With the HD STREAMZ app, you can watch more than 1000 tv channels of different countries and high-quality movies. Enjoying live tv, live cbs sports network action, movies, tv shows, and series are now accessible in one app. No matter wherever you are, what device you got.

Features of HD STREAMZ

  1. Wide Variety of Channels: More than 1000 channels from various countries can be watched through the HD streamz app. Channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, and many more can be caught up on the HD streamz app.
  2. Multiple Streaming Links: When one link doesn’t work, will you stop watching your desired programs? No, there are multiple links included so you don’t miss anything that is much awaited for you.
  3. Built-in and External Media Player Support: HDSTREAMZ has the features built-in player and external player. You can watch IPTV without any external player if you wish. But if you find any external player to be handier, you have the option of using your needed media player.
  4. Free of Cost: Although technology is very ahead and things are becoming cost-free, they have their own complications. HDSTREAMZ is fully packed with features and it has absolutely no charge. Therefore, the good thing is now without any cost, only with HDSTREAMZ.
  5. Radio Included: There are many people around us who are very fond of listening to the radio. Radio is a classical thing and it still has its own uses and fanbase. For them, HD STREAMZ is a wise choice. Combination tv and radio is a very unique service that is only offered in HD STREAMZ.
  6. Regular Update: Every app is being updated from time to time. But as it’s not available in Play Store or Apple App Store, there are questions about updating the app. But, the good thing is that it has an update service that is included in the app.

2. Live NetTV IPTV App for android

Live NetTV is pretty similar to the previous one. The app has many features enlisted with more than 800 channels. Enjoying Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentaries, Cooking, Music, Kids, and Religious programs is now hassle-free with absolutely no charge.

Features of Live NetTV

  1. Plenty of Channels: Live NetTV has more than 800 channels from many countries around the world. You can enjoy your favorite program from all over the world.
  2. Channel Requesting: If you want to watch a specific channel but the TV channel is not included, you can request the authority to include your favorite channel. This is a very rare kind of feature which is similar to VOD. So, now having your requested channel is easier than ever before.
  3. Free of Cost: The app is absolutely free of cost. Having all these premium features without any charges is somewhat difficult and not everyone can offer that. Saving your earnings and watching tv simultaneously give your life more freedom.
  4. External Player Support: The app has both built-in and external media players for watching tv and other content. You can use the built-in or external depending on your convenience.
  5. Chromecast Support: If you have the app on your mobile or other devices, you can cast the app to other devices like tv. Nowcast lives channels to TV using LocalCast, WebVideoCast, and Bubble UPnP Players and enjoys programs on the big screen.
  6. Easy Channel Reporting: You can report the channel if you are having any problems viewing the channel. The authority will look after it to resolve the issues. So, no more changing apps for issues like this is needed.

3. Mobdro IPTV App

The live TV and streaming apps are increasing day by day. The market is full of this. Mobdro is one of the most popular apps for streaming live tv and shows. It is perhaps the most popular app in the market. Mobdro is full of features.

Features of Mobdro

  1. Free Live TV: Mobdro has plenty of live channels and events to provide you with making your leisure a quality time. Tuning hundreds of channels is made possible by Mobdro.
  2. Videos and Shows: The app has a huge collection of videos and shows from various platforms. This allows you to watch many programs in one app. No more downloading and making your device memory full. Enjoy it all in one app.
  3. Category and Sorting: Among the thousands of contents, it becomes difficult to find the right genre of the program to watch. Mobdro has a category and sorting features that save your time and energy.
  4. Easy Operation: Despite being a fully content-packed app, the operation is very easy. Anyone can use the app because of its simple operation.


Hundreds of IPTV live apps are available in the market but not each one is good to use. Using m3u, m3u8 link and other critical systems do not apply for all. The above three apps are full of features and content but the things that make all the difference are the simplicity of those apps and free of cost.

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